Monday, August 27, 2007


Yay! Fuzzies! Yay!

You are one fantastic guy! Your devotion to everybody you know, and everything you do is amazing, and I strongly encourage you to keep up the great attitude you have in these things. You do so much for everybody else, and I want you to know how appreciated it all is. You are awesome. Remember that when you do not feel like you are so awesome, there are countless people who care for you, and can help you through those times.

I know that it is stressful coming up to exams, now, and I hope you can find some peace throughout this period and celebrate in that it will all be over for you in a few weeks. During this time of annoyingness, and during any hard time, you should always know that there are friends who are always there for you, to help you and offer you an escape from whatever it is that is getting you down.

You are such an honour to know and consider myself a friend of. You are so passionate about so much, and you are dedicated to the things you set yourself out to do. I hope you can continue to shine, in your own way, as you always do, and that you can maintain enthusiasm for all that you do and have done and will do in the future. You are an amazing guy.

There's no one like you in the universe.
You are worth more than rubies and diamonds. You are a princess.
Never, ever forget that, and don't settle for anything less than you deserve.
I love you with all my heart my cheeky monkey.

I ruv you!
You are so awesome and you make me smile when I think of you, and you make me oh-so proud, and you make me want to hug you when I see you!
I so very glad that God put you in my life so that we can have fun connent times and endless quotes with Cecizzle. Tehe.
I heart you to the moon and back. And back again.

Thankyou for everything you have done for us through Vetamorphus, and through leading our small group on friday afternoons. It has all meant so ridiculously much to me and all the others involved. I hope that the Vetamorphus group of next year can get as much our of it as all of us did. You continuous effort and giving is very, very appreciated. Thankyou.

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