Monday, July 16, 2007


If you are having any troubles thinking of what to write in a fuzzy, or you are simply not even sure what a fuzzy is, then there is a list of examples and instructions in the sidebar to the right. You should reads that, yes.

You're awesome, and everything that you do is too. Thanks for your help recently. Appreciate all the effort you put in to making the services happen well too. I hope your passion will develop and spread to many others, so they can be just as great as yourself.

thank you for being so awesome and welcoming when i came to visit :]
i had fun

Hey, brother!We are so related.
Just to let you know, I think you're awesome, and I'm glad to have you as part of the family. This year's summer, with you living with us, was one of the funnest and most relaxing summers I've ever had, and I'll never forget it. Ever.
Thank you for making my sister so deliriously happy, as I'm sure she's made you.Have 'fun' on your honeymoon.

I glove your face, and your pants. Let's play scrabble sometime.
To the non-husband part of Rachaelface:You are a hilarious, smanbastical, awesome, sooper-dooper, bulk-ace kinda gal!
Thanks for being my friend. And my, er... 'husband'
Thank you for being you, and in turn, letting me be me.
Thank you for half price stubway.
Thank you for being so pure and golden.
Thank you for you.

You are constantly putting in extra effort into things that are not for yourself. I think it is so cool that you can do these things, put so much into them, and produce such a good result all the time. I have seen you do this not only at church, but on mission and other places in general. Good work.

It's always great to see sombody so full of energy for life and willing to share that with others. You are definately one of those people. I encourage you to keep all that enthusiam because it is contageous and good.

Bindy, I always love having conversations with you and discussing all those weird things and what not, that we always end up discussing. You are such a kind, caring and compassinate person, to everybody, and for that I really want to thank you, as well. Everything I see you do for otehrs is also great, like those dramas you are always running for our services at Doncaster. They are awesome. You are awesome. Awesome.

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