Friday, March 9, 2007

Fuzzies Fuzzies Fuzzies!

More more more! People should do more fuzzies. Now! Every time you visit this site, leave at least one fuzzy. It is so worth it, wouldn't you love to get a fuzzy?

You are an absoloute ace bloke, Digger. Everything I see you doing, and everything that I've heard that you've done is incredible beyond... lots of stuff. You're such a great guy and love talking and getting along with almost everyone. You're a champ!

I appreciate your love for people and how you invest so much in those around you. But most importantly of all, everything you do you do because of your amazing love for God. You're awesome!

You are one of the most beautiful people I know, Stace. I love you soooo much, you have the best heart, and attitude of anyone that I know, and I look up to you, and admire you because of your beautiful heart and attitude.You rock my stripy socks to the max! I'm so glad I know you, and I thank God that he's put you in my life.

You are so awesome Grace.
I love how you can make an awkward situation un-awkward, I love how you make everyone feel accepted, I love your that you are wise, but at the same time playful and fun, I love that you are so effortlessly good looking! Hehe.
I love that you're everything a 'nuff nuff' Christian isn't.
Come to Candy Mountain with me?

Keep up the good work, Fuzzy Pad is the best invention created at 3 o'clock in the morning at my house... EVER. I think it's so cool to come on and see the love between people. Your fuzzies are pretty much the best I've gotten, and giving people the opportunity to share with others is really cool.

L. Loving.
A. Awesome. Because it was needed.
U. Unreal.
R. Radical.
E. Encouraging.
N. Nice.

P. Passionate.
I. Incredibubble.
N. Neato.
C. Caring.
H. Happiness.
E. Excellente.
S. Splendiferous. Or Smanbastical.

Thanks for being a friend.
-Big Brother

One of the greatest men ever. The amount of respect I have for you is unlimited. You care so much about everyone, and teach me new things everytime I talk to you. I enjoy all our adventures, and am grateful for everything you've done for me. Thank you.

I really don't know what to write, so I won't write anything.
I will write though, that it's been great to get to know you, and see your different sides, and be in a small part of your 'journey' of life.
I've loved seeing you grow, and I've loved how you've helped me to grow.
You're awesome.

You so cool, man. Love ya.

Thanks heaps for you wise words of... wisdom :P
Really, I'm glad I can talk to a person who is knows so much about life and what I'm going through. I often don't talk about things because I'm afraid of what people will think about me, or that they'll tell me off, but you don't scorn, you listen, and offer advice where you can. I really appreciate it.

You are so so so awesome. I know that word has been used much on this site, but I don't care, you are awesome. And yes, that is awesome with three, that is, three, "so"s infront of it, because that is how awesome you are. What you add to Doncaster is so good, and everybody loves you for it. Your'e such a good friend, also. Keep it up!

Matt, you're so great in so many ways that I don't have enough fingers, or toes, to count. Beneath your quiet exterior, most of the time quiet, that is, you're such a friendly, encouraging guy. I love having you as a friend, and I hope our friendship can continue far into the future.

You are such an insipiring guy! I hope you can continue to be such, also. You add so much to the Donny community, and your friendly presence, as well as your ability on the drums, makes you invaluable. You're simply amazing.

You are the greatest freind a person could ever have. you are always up for a chat about any thing. you are a individual that dose not care what other people say or think about you. you are one in a million. your friendship has meant so much to me over the years. I just wonted to say thank you for every thing you have told me and given me over the years.

To my dearest darling Fuzzy Pad,I am ever so glad you exist, it's so nice to know that there are still some notepads out there who will gladly volunteer themselves to be a 'Fuzzy Pad' or something of the like.You are so warm and encouraging and inviting, and all other words that have positive connotations.
You make those humans feel special the way you do things, when they look at you and see a warm fuzzy for themselves, it's nice for them to know that someone was thinking about them, and took the time to think up something encouraging to say.
Although, I must say that while this is all good, those humans could be writing in you every day. It's just the way life should be, you give and you get all the time. Make a resolution? Every time you visit Fuzzy Pad, leave someone a fuzzy! Don't let that be the extent of your encouragement, but it's a nice, easy thing you can do. It seems small when you write a fuzzy, but it's the biggest thing when you get one.
Good job, precious Fuzzy Pad.All my love,
-Little Computer Keyboard.

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