Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Time for niceness

Yes, it is time for niceness. Not many people have been fuzzying very much recently? Where is the niceness gone? Where gone? But fortunately, there is a few niceness left. Listed below are them.

Thanks to everyone who came to youth camp and to the leaders that made it happen. It was a privilege to be a part of something so amazing and fun. The fact that we could all bond and make our friendship's grow stronger really made camp more enjoyable. You are all fantastic!!!

You're a passionate guy, maybe one of the most driven people I know. I really love the way that you can inspire other people to raise their expectations and therefore their goals to amazing heights. People who spend time around you always dream big, and hope for the best. You're a star! Thanks

Mate you're one of the best blokes I've ever met and I really appreciate all of your wisdom and friendship. In my darkest times you're always available to me and you don't always "say the right stuff" but you listen to the things that I have to say. I wish I was able to write more, but I figure you will understand where I'm coming from.

Thank you. It is the most awesome thing ever to have so many awesome things said about awesome. I wish more people would use awesome more often, perhaps the world would be a more awesome place to live in if we all were giving just a little more awesomeness.

Esther, you are so cool! pretty much the best that I know of. You were such an awesome person to talk to and stuff at beach mission, and when you came to our church that one time. Come again. Now. Or whenever you can. You are... Smanbastical. Message complete.

You are an absoloute star. (In God's eyes) (and in mine) And that's the best you can be. I truly think you are so invaluable, irreplaceable and inignorable as a person. Your passion for God and others and everything is so awesome. I wish I could use another word other than awesome. Do not think for any moment that people don't appreciate all the hard work you put into things. They do. You are very appreciated, and I am just voicing that, so that you might know it. Never stop what you do.

What an awesome guy you are. I have no words that can express how awesome you are, except for that oh-so-overused word: Awesome. Although it does have many connotations, good ones, that express how good I think you are. And you are good. That good. Awesome.

Brendan, I admire almost everything you do with lots of lotsness. Every time I speak to you, I am amazed at your ability to spark my imagination, and get me excited about things. Keep up the awesomeness. Or should I say, smanbasticalness.

After reading your blog, and seing you around a lot recently, I've been inspired to write you this fuzzy. You are a very very inspirational guy, and very much like fire. I hope you can use this realisation of your own personality, and other's, to your advantage, and grow as a person. You're a champ!

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