Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Post Fuzzies Now!

There has been a slight shortage of fuzzy writing over the past few days, which I can handle, but after Fuzzy Pad got off to such a good start, I'd hate to see people stop with the enthusiasm they started with. Remember, the more fuzzies you post, the more you will get in return, because more people will ahve reason to come and visit this site!

You are a funny, funny man.I'm so glad to have met you-on BEACH MISSION, oh yeah. Beach mission was best, and you'd better come back and do it again next year so that you can make me laugh again :P

Love you so much, thankyou for ur kindness and friendship... It's been great getting to know you, I hope we have our friendship for a long time...

All you are,
All you'll be,
Praise it all,
It inspires me.

When no one hears,
When no one sees,
Raise your head,
You will inspire me.

Heart to God,
We're blessed by He,
He's given you,
To the life of me.

Wherever I go,
Whoever I see,
I'll still remember,
You and me.

Goodnight to us,
You've given me peace,
Good morning to us,
With love from me.

One day I'll explain that. Or understand it.
Peace. Ben.

Thank you for your friendship and for your constant sacrifice for everyone. You are such a kind, caring and loving person, who always puts everyone elses needs above your own.I believe in my heart of hearts that God has and amazing plan for you because you are such an awesome guy, with God-given attributes and qualities. You continue to amaze me with your genorosity.

You are one of the greatest Minesters of all time in my eyes. so keep doing what you are doing. because it is great.

That is an honour indeed, for when one is smanbasticalised, it means they are so awesome that their awesomeness just cannot be contained, to the point of smanbasticalisation.

You're such a great person to have around Doncaster quite often. You have always been a good friend, and your inolvement in Doncaster's community has made everyone there better off. I can't wait to see you maybe getting more involved in Donny stuff in the future, and just continuing to be that awesome person you already are.

So fantastic seeing you regularily attending Doncaster. Me, as well as many others, would love to get to know you better, as from what I already know, you're a very great guy. Keep up what you're already doing, as Stephen, because Stephen is awesome.

You are superbly and fabuliciously smanbastical. Yes, drastic wording required, as only a term that brings up one link on Google could be possibly used to describe your frabacious fruvility. I truly love your randomness, as it matches mine. Maybe. And your creativity etc. is so good. I do like creativitiness. And making up wordiness. And using other people's wordiness, that I didn't make up. Smanbastical.

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