Monday, April 23, 2007

Warm Fuzzyness

Well, yet again there are more fuzzies to share with the world. But not enough! I stress: If you come to this site, and read fuzzies, then please please please leave at least one fuzzy for somebody else. It will add more fuzzyness into the system, and make the world a better place.

You put in so much work to everything, and you are so dedicated at everything. I'm just writing this to highlight that fact and to let you know that you're appreciated fopr all the work that I've seen you do. Thankyou.

I can never get over how great you are, Ben. You do so much for the church and for others, and you put so much effort into everything. Never give up all those things that you do.

You are such a gorgous girl, and i know you forgive me, but im just letting you know i didnt think the things i said youd take saeriously, i love you to bits and pieces, lol your and amazing chick, and i wish yiou did aerobics.
Lots of love.

Lauren, I want to thank you for your warm, welcoming nature. You have made me feel really welcome and accepted at Donny, every time I come in I get a bright happy smile and I love that! I thank you for your easy-going-ness (which is now a word because I said so) and I just wanted you to know that you're loved and appreciated.

Simon, you are an amazing youth minister, I really appreciate that you have gone out of your way to make sure I'm comfortable and happy at church, and that you listened to my complaints and confusions without judgement and without shutting me down. Thank you for your love and support

Jono Croxford! What a legend!!! Tip Top mate! What a little bewdy! Keep up the great work!

You are such a good friend to me, and to many, many other people. You make such an effort to makie people feel welcome, and loved by you, and I can tell you definately that we all feel these things. You generous and selfless heart make you a fantastic person, and I would hate to ever see you think otherwise. You are awesome.

Kirsty, I have much to say about you, but probably wont say it all here, partly because I can't think of everything to say at once, and because, well, mainly that first reason.
You are smanbastical. Yes, a word much overused, like "awesome" is. But you are smanbastical, and not even unsmanbastical man can deny that. You are so friendly, honest and fun to be around, and for these things I thank you, but I also thank you for being the friend to me that you always have been. We have been good friends for a while now, and I hope we can only be gooder friends in the future. I also hope that one day I'll learn propor english. (Which includes spelling "english" with a capital "E")

Thank you so much for being a friend. You probably have no idea how much it means to me, but just to know that not only are you my friend, but I am your friend as well.
A couple of years ago, I only really had one friend at church, and when she left, I didn't know what to do. I felt so alone and awkward. I'd just like to say thank you, and I love you with all my heart for being my friend when I had none.
You're awfully phat.(Note: 'Awfully phat' may seem like an insult, but in this case, is a compliment.)

Hey sunshine you are the most amazingness girl ever! And i thank you so much for being so welcoming and supporting. Your friendship means the world to me. One day I will come watch you play basketball and if you playing basketball is anything like your friendship then I know for fact that you will win!! I'm running out of things to say but the most important thing is that keep having ur heart of gold and you can make anything happen!! Love you heaps and heaps and heaps xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo :)

Jono. Don't get discouraged that people read these and don't post. It's a great idea with purely good intentions behind it. Goodness takes time for some, and at least, now people will do one or two more good things a year than they would if FuzzyPad didn't exist.

I don't now if you'll ever read this. Hopefully sombody will tell you they saw your name on this site. Anyway, you are a fantastic person. You do so much organising and the like, and I sense that sometimes you are not recognised for all the work you put in. Especially with things like SYG and the upcoming Family Camp. Thankyou heaps for all the work you put into Doncaster CC. Keep it up!

Jeremy, you are smanbastical. Need I say more? Actually, probably yes. You are such a great guy, and I've really enjoyed being friends with you. I hope I can see you involved in Doncaster some more in the future. That would be awesome. Smanbastical, even.

It is so fantastic to see you joining in with Doncaster's aerobics fantabulism. You are such an energetic and friendly person, from what I've seen, that I'm sure you'll be an aerobics super star, like me. Seeing you around Doncaster more often is so awesome, and I hope I can see even more of you in the future.

You are awesome. It is very cool having somebody interested in reading my blog, etc. I hope you can continue to be the smanbastical person I know you are inside, and that you only grow in the future.

I thank you very much for taking the time to visit this site. This site would be nothing without your support. For all the people who have posted fuzzies here, I thank you very much, and I encourage you to keep up the good work and post more, by clicking on the comments link below this entry. I also encourage those who have not yet posted a fuzzy, to try it. It definately does feel very good. Once again, thankyou all.

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