Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slightly Hot and Furry Warm Fuzzies

Yay! More warm fuzzies! What a good thing. Read read read. And then comment on the bottom of a post, and leave your own warm fuzzy! Yay! Fun!

(You know who you are)
To dearest family,
We are not a real family, in the blood-relational sense of the word, but being a part of a family gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. So I decided to post a fuzzy.
Thank you for being so Mothery and Fathery and Sonery and Daughtery, and Petery and distant-relative-you rarely-see-ery.
We should have family day, and we shall dance until the sun rises!
Or sleep.
Whichever is preferred.

Hehe, you're a funny chick XD
I love having you in my 'connent'
group! It's awesometotallycoolradsmanbasticalfun!
You're such a beautiful and robot-like person :D

Talks in her bed
But she doesn't really
That's just a theory

I was actually referring to
That time at Cecily's do
When many jokes were made
About how her brother invades
Cecily's sleep with his words
And his whey and curds
Wasn't that a loverly poem?
Love you!

Make sure you fully grasp the concept that you are a very special person. Jayson Vella: Something fearfully and wonderfully made. Sometimes, I know, things can happen that make you feel like people don't care for you as much as they really do, but these things are never meant intentionally. You have been created as a being so wonderful, so lovable and so fantastic, that it cuts not only me, but others very deep when you look down upon yourself. Some of us question how this is even possible. It is not humble to look down on yourself, or natrual, or healthy. You deserve to be recognised as the great man you are, by that great man himself: you. Everybody else already does.

HAROW EMEREE! you are a special're my special person! You are the greatest most crazy and beautiful CONNENT (yes thats right, connent) group leader anyone could ever have, I think that you are probably the most awesome person alive! yay! for warm fuzzies! oh many bafrooms dat one? LOVE ME!! (you cannot walk into walls) *robot voice*

You are so energetic! You seem to always be full of life, and all that. Although on the side, I've seen you doing so much work around the church, etc. and this is very cool. I hope you can continue doing selfless things for other people, as well as continue to have a great time doing whatever it is you do that gives you so much energy.

I admire you in many ways. You are always thinking through things, where other people would just gloss over, and your thoroughness about life is incredible. You often inspire me in many ways, also, and for that I am very greatful. In short, Simon, you are smanbastical, do I have a right to use this word here? Yes. Because you deserve it. I encourage you to maintain your current level of concern and care for others, the world and yourself.

You are an awesome guy, Brad. I've loved spending time with you at Doncaster's youth group, and just having fun with you, and stuff like that. Your costume to the op shop night a little while back was great. It's great that you put so much enthusiasm and effort into all that sort of stuff.

Well, I love you because you are the electricity to my electric blanket, the gas to my heater, the tap to my hot water, you are what makes me warm. You are the brush to my fuzziness, the strings that hold it all together, you are what the fuzz is attached to, so that some other person may feel the softness and warmth as they hug into their own very special warm fuzzy.
You give me the the avenues to be a warm fuzzy pad, you are the internet, the Jono Croxford/Inventor, you are Blogger, you are the very letters themselves, down to each and every stroke.I'm glad I make you smile, but always remember, you are the muscles, the brain, the heart, that make me smile.
Yes, let's go out sometime.

You are one sick dog head phones ear piece bottle neck shirt front poster hat door shampoo fish sauce. You are also a good friend, and a fun person to be around. I enjoy our chats and my excellent driving skills. Cheers to you VESTY ESTY. Love DB.

Our love is like dividing by zero.... you cannot define it.
Love Captain Specialist Maths/Chongface

I love you in all your warmness, fuzziness, and padness. You make me smile. Let's go out sometime.

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