Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fuzzy Bag

Yes, as can almost be expected from this next post, there are more fuzzies for poeple to read, like and respond to. Just like a Fuzzy Bag! Yay! Remember, to leave your own fuzzies, leave a comment on this post. (Can be found at bottom of this post.)

I think you are such an amazing person. I know we rarely talk on anything except blogs, but I feel as though you have been so welcoming to me.
I thank you very much for being the person you are, and making me laugh even when your not trying.
:] wear your seatbelt

Thank you for being such a friendly, welcoming church. I had so much fun spending time at your campsite at SYG and I thank you for making me feel part of your community. You are an incredible bunch of people and I very much love and appreciate every single person I have gotten to know over the past year and I hope that I can get to know more of you. Thanks!

You are such an amazing girl, Jess! You're so friendly and loving and I've really appreciated that you've told me some of your story and let me into your life. I'll be praying for you, beautiful!

I just wanted to let you know that you're loved and appreciated! You have an amazing ability to do a million things at once and do them all well! I hope that at some point you'll have a chance to relax and just be peaceful! But until then I'll be praying for God to give you strength. I love you, gorgeous girl!

There are too many things that I want to say to you. You have given me so much over our relationship... I respect you and admire you. Thankyou for always trying with me. I wont forget that.

I've loved spending time with you recently, and getting to know you better and the like. You have such a kind, happy and humerous personality. These are awesome traits to have. Smanbastical. Make sure you remember how excellent a person you are, when things seem like there (they're) (See, at least I fix up misspelling of the word "they're" when I cause it to happen) going bad for you. Also, there is nothing wrong with spelling "there" wrong. I was just being mean. Sorry. They're just wanting their leters to be in the right place, over there, every now and then. Aha! All three altenate spellings in one sentance!

I love the way you are always putting in heaps of effort into everything you do. Awesome. You are such a great person to get along with, and I always love spending time talking with you, etc. I hope you can continue to be the Bindy that I know everybody loves.

You are an amazing person in so many ways that I can't count. But the fact that I can't count has really nothing to do with the fact that you are amazing, though. I loved how you set up that devotional walk for us all, and how you are always so friendly to us. I wanted to encouage you, today, so that you knew how much we all cared for you before you adventure away to America. Because we do all care for you. Lots.

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