Monday, June 25, 2007

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy

Fuzzies fuzzies fuzzies. They are the best. Here are some more:

Over the past little while I have been able to see one amazing don of God within you.You're passsion and drive for your faith and the church is simply inspirational.
I pray that you will not be detered by the opinions of others and continue to strive in your faith, so that your dreams and visions can be met.
You are just a wonderful person to be around and someone that has encouraged me so much.

You always seem to amaze me with your dedication and love within church life.
You are a pleasure to hang around, always willing to have a good laugh and just a down to earth person. I have loved being able to hang out with you lately and I only hope that it can continue.
You are a great guy and I have loved getting to know you that much more over the last little while.
All the best with everything you are doing at the moment.

You are beautiful inside and out. You never cease to amaze me with your caring and loving attitude towards life and every individual. You are an amazing Minister, who I look up to so much.
The work you do for the community and for the church is inspirational and many people would be lost without you.
Love always

I had no idea how unbelievably fun teachers could be ^__^
Thankyou ALL for such an awesome, smashing, smanbastical time at camp!
You are all crazy, and all funny, and weirdly for teachers, you are all very cute? (Not in terms of looks, sillies)
Love, Happy Camper

You are a trooper when it comes to soldiering on. It's great to see when things get tough, that you are willing to trust in God and just allow him to carry you. Be encouraged, as God will guide you and be with you all the way! Your commitment, enthusiasm and strength in God shows through, even when you don't think it does!

Your freindship means alot to me. I appreciate your listening ear and the humility that you possess in all that you do. That is a quality that all of us need to work on. You are a champion!! Thanks for all you do!!

Thankyou for trusting in God and allowing him to guide you in all you do. Sometimes, God can put us into confrontational positions. But I know you answer Gods prompting, and that's not always easy. Praise God for all you do!

Thanks for your consistent efforts to help in anyway that you can. You, along with your whole family are inspirational in many ways. May God bless you and your family in all that you do!

You are my hero.

I would have called you by your full name, but I don't know it. I only know that you are called James. I trust, if you ever read this, that you'll know that I'm talking about/to you here. Anyway, getting to know you at SYG was very awesome. I hope I can get to know you better in the future, and possibly see you around more often. I think it's been great having you come to Doncaster every now and then, also.

I have only felt that our relationship has grown constantly from a year ago 'till now, and I am so thankful that we have been able to become better friends. I really appreciate being able to talk to another person about issues and stuff. You are a fantastic perosn. Person even. I don't know what a perosn is. I encourage you to continue to be just the way you are, as what you are is already awesome. I know I say that a lot on this site, but it is so true. Many people get the idea that they need to change, and become better. Sure, there are aspects of everybody that could be worked on, but I love everybody the way they are, and for what they are, and I just don't want anybody to change. You included. Don't ever think you need to.
You are smanbastical.

I don't know if you will ever read this, but oh well, I shall write it nevertheless. I really appreciate everything that you do, and although a lot of the time the things you do are backstage, unnoticed and generally not done with the intention of getting things back in return, I notice them, although obviously not all the time, as they are backstage, remember. Thankyou for being who you are, not changing to ever suit anybody else, and in doing so, being as awesome as you are.

You have been such a good friend to me over the last year/two years/three years/two years. You friendship has meant so much to me, that the only word I can use to describe it is: Javo-Steliriun. I may have used this word before. You cannot translate it, so don't try. Maybe you would understand Smanbastical better, but it still does not summ up how much I appreciate your friendship. Thankyou so much for the conversations, the time together, the Adventure Questing, the introduction to Blogger, the support, the provision of words for me to steal, (e.g. "smanbastical") the advice and for the relationship that you have given me.

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