Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Fuzzies Begin!

Yes, fuzzies have begun, there are already three fuzzies written to various people. If you feel like somebody who is not mentioned here deserves a fuzzy, then write them one, but posting a comment on this post.

I love the way you always are looking out for other people, and are considerate of the way they feel. If sombody is feeling down, I have noticed that you always make an extra effort to cheer that person up, whoever it is. This is very cool. Keep up the good work!

O Brendan, that managerI saw at McCrae.
Thanks to you, I have not yet been able to say.
You lead the team with a smile every day,
And for this we didn't even have to pay!
Your leadership skills, I say, were so great.
You lead by example, and did not dictate.
For you to take initiative, we needed not to wait,
You were always quite alert, and this is a good trait.
Even though you lead so well, I know you didn't boast.
The campers you also made welcome, down at McCrae coast.
But the thing you did that I admire the most,
Was your dramatisation of the character: Toast.

Jess, it has been very awesome seeing you more often in recent times. Having you come to our small group and share with all of us has been awesome also. You, from what I've come to know, are a very kind and friendlyperson, and I hope I can get to know you more throughout the course of the year.

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