Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Fuzzies...

Yes, after the first three fuzzies that have been published, more words of affirmation have been added. And remember, I am not the one writing these messages, although I will be writing a few. They are actually from anonymous people who have commented on a post on this site. So neither me, nor anybody, know who it is that sent the message, I just post if for them.

Dez, you are probably the shortest person I know but also the man with the biggest faith. I am constantly astounded by your love for life and people and your huge smile. You are a very blessed person and have a wonderful girlfriend. Hold on to her because she is one beautiful girl. Thank you for your constant friendship and all the time you give. Love you lots…

You are a true man of God! Your willingness to open your house to just anyone is probably a too relaxed outlook on this world especially when we have so many bad people in this place. Still I commend you on your faith on all of humankind. Thank you for all you do for me and the rest of the community. Not many people realize how giving a person you are but as a true friend I do know this. Everyone loves you and has a great deal of respect. Keep up your faith and loving kindness.

I admire your creativity and your individuality. Too often I find myself feeling like I’m living to please others, but I see you going about things the way you do, and I respect it. That, and you’re my number one fan. As I am yours. I’m glad I got to meet you, hopefully shall you see again soon. Peace. Love.

Hey, just wanted to say that I think you are an absolute legend! Your enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and passion for youth group and the kids is really inspiring for not just the awesome kids, but for the other leaders as well. Keep it up mate, because you are doing an AWESOME job! Cheers Big Ears and don’t stop smiling!

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