Monday, February 19, 2007

Fuzzy Mania!

I love Fuzzies. they're my favourite. I hope everybody else enjoys them also. For all those ofp you reading this, and not posting at least one fuzzy, I beg you, please leave a fuzzy. They make people feel so good! If you think nobody will send you a fuzzy, you are wrong. Keep looking at the site, and posting. On average, for every one fuzzy you post, you should theoretically get one back. I will try and make sure this happens.

You are the cutierest times 10 whatever you say, you are such an amazing person and I admire you with a passion. I can tell that you never give up, and even though I know I'm not perfect, you're always there for me and you're always prepared to be by my side. I love you to bits and pieces, but I want you to stay a whole coz your an awesome chick, keep smiling!

You have been so great in welcoming me into your church and I just want to say thanks.

The fact that you've all taken so quickly to this site, and what it entails, makes me so proud to be known as part of the youth of DCC. You guys rock! Keep fuzzying, people really appreciate whne you send them a fuzzy! If you guys know any adults/young ones, that maight be interested in this site, amke sure you tell them about it!

Chris, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me lately. You're so willing to listen to me and out up with my winging and your help and advice has helped me so much. You're a really genuine guy, and I'm so impressed by your honesty and your faith. I'm so inspired by your strength and commitment. Keep learning and growing in God, Chris. You're an amazing guy and I know you're going to do great things in the world!

You are a total legend! Kirst, I don't know what I would've done without you last year! I'm so greatful for your complete (sometimes harsh) honesty. You helped me figure out who I am a bit and always made me feel so loved and wanted. Thanks so much for your constant support and advice and the occasional kick up the bum when I'm being a total idiot! I love you, Kirst! You're an amazing girl and you have the ability to do huge things! Never forget how totally amazing you are!

I have loved getting to know you last year. You're doing great things in this world and I am soooo impressed by you! You're a great guy, you always make me feel welcome and you inspire me to change things in the world. Thank you for your honesty and love. You're a champ!

Kel, you are amazing! You always seem to know what to say and when to say it. When I'm upset you cheer me up and when I'm feeling lonely you make me feel so welcome and loved. You really are a bright light, Kel! May God bless you this year. I love you, Kel!

Jono! I don't even know what to say! You are such a great guy. I've loved spending some time with you recently. I really appreciate your honesty and I know that I could ask you anything and you'd tell me your honest opinion. Thank you for your friendship and for welcoming me into your church. I really feel a part of things now. Also, this is pretty much the best idea ever! I love that when you think of something like this you actually do it!Just thank you for being you... not changing to suit other people, but still making everyone comfortable and happy.

Kyla. O Kyla. Wherefore art thou Kyla?
And by the way, are you related to Tyler?
Your friendship, Kyla, to me is so great,
You are such a good friend, and such a good mate!
I hope our friendship, can do nothing but grow,
Grow further than anything that I can throw.
Thankyou kyla, for being so good to me.
I'll finish this poem with: "Wee Woopee".

You are definately part of the group constituting that label which is becoming so cliche on this site: awesome. Your ability to lift others up, and to make friends with them is very cool. More specifically, but, I love the way you really give things the amount of thought they deserve, and treat everything as if it was as important to you as it is to others. You are always concerned about the wellbeing of all. Knowing you more and more every time I speak to you is such a joy to me, and I hope we can get to know eachother only more in the future. You have such a fantastic personality, or should I say: an "awesome" one!

You are a superstar Jono!!! This is such a fantastic idea :)You have a super dooper heart - and a heart for God!! It's so awesome to see! Words of sffirmation and encouragement are one of the most powerful ways at building someone up! And to create a space where others can do this, ur just the best Captain Best in fact!!!

Your dedication to your youth is great!! To have seen you in the past interact with your kids and encourage them to be all that God wants them to be - is just a privaledge! God is going to honour your commitment and sacrifice... Kepp on persevering & honouring God with all that you have - always striving for integrity!! The fruits of your hard work are sooo apparent in your youth!! One of the best youth groups ever!! Awesome work!

God I know has a spectacular plan laid out for you, as you are so God filled and spiritually connected in all aspects of your life.It has been fantastic getting to know you and Doncaster Church of Christ has definately welcomed you with opened arms because you are such an amazing son of God. Thank you for always being there as someone that will listen, offer advice and joke around with.

Esty, Esty, Esty.
You are such a fantastic person, I’m so glad to have met you. I always think you’re older than what you really are because you’re so mature, but you’re still so much fun!! You’re also such a refreshing person to have around-You’re not needy, or annoying, or a complainer, just awesome. You’ve been such a great listener and your wise words of advise are pretty much the coolest that I know of.
Esther is a hero.

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